Titanium Dioxide
Sulphuric Acid

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Eons ago, after earth had formed, Lava called primordial soup was flowing all around. Sometime, somewhere a molecule now known as Amino acid attached with some other chemicals under right conditions and life began on earth. We all know it took millions of years for mankind to evolve. Thereafter, it took almost 4500 of history for us to start studying chemistry seriously. Whatever advancement in science and technology we see today, chemicals are involved every where. It is impossible to imagine modern life without chemicals.

However, ever since the dawn of civilization cleanliness has been an obsession with mankind.  Cleanliness has been associated with Godliness.  Ancient Indian scriptures have emphasized cleanliness as a pre-requisite with rituals for attainment of God.  With the advancement of science and technology, modern day soaps and detergents are vastly different.  Scientists world over are striving hard to make them more eco friendly, cost effective as well as wash efficient.  In the given scenario, sometimes it becomes difficult for a manufacturer to choose or procure the right product. Vidisha with more than 30 years of experience helps you do just that. You can rely on us for right products at right price and at right time.

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