Titanium Dioxide
Sulphuric Acid

About us

is dedicated to the service of chemical industry in general and soap and detergent industry in particular. The foundation of our group was laid in early seventies when detergent industry was in nascent stage in India. We ventured into manufacturing LABSA (Acid Slurry) and the services extended to our customers helped us to establish long term relations. Some of our old time customers like Ghari are household names in India today. This has given us a unique core competency in knowing the local industry inside out which is difficult to match by the competition. We diversified into trading activities in 1998 and began outsourcing of Sulphuric Acid. We have not looked back since then and added various products to our kitty and have emerged as one of the major trading house in Northern India. We are representing many multinational companies known for their quality products.

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