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Products For Detergent Industry
It is extremely important to get right ingredients in the right amount to make a perfect product. We, at Vidisha group realise that you have a choice of other products for your detergent and we make a constant effort to bring the best possible products for your formulations. We search thoroughly for latest technological advances in the field and collobrate with top most companies to bring out innovative products for you.

Organic polymers have been part of detergents and cleaners formulation for many years. Polymeric builders in the form of anionic polycarboxylates based on acrylic acid account for more than 90% of all polymers used in detergents. The main function of polymers is of acting as anti soil redeposition agent. Apart from this, polymers help in part replacement of builders like STPP and also inhibit unwanted hydrolysis which results in loss of active substance. We offer Rohm and Hass, now known as DOW Chemical International´s wide range of polymers like Acusol, Aculyn, Acumer, Opulyn etc for application in detergent, cleaners as well as personal care industry. Detergent grade polymers provide following advantages:

  • Inhibition of crystal growth, thus preventing precipitation of carbonates phosphates or silicates on fabric.
  • Dispersion of precipitates in the cleaning bath to avoid setting and scaling on surfaces and fibres.
  • Prevents the redeposition of clay sink onto the fabric or hard surface by keeping the particles suspended in the wash bath.
  • Effective Inorganic Cleaning agent / dirt repellent.
  • Very good sequestration ability. Removes Calcium Ion keeping it in a dissolved state.
  • Improvement of filming maintenance by soil dispersion, which minimize organic components deposition on glass and dishware’s.

Co-Surfactants are generally used in combination with principal surfactant. They enhance wetting action as well as dispersion. They have pronounced foaming power and are skin compatible. We offer wide range of co-surfactants such as AOS, SLES and SLS manufactured by Solvay.

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