Titanium Dioxide
Sulphuric Acid



Enzyme is a type of protein and one of the most talked about ingredients for laundry detergents for their multiple usability possibilities. Enzymes break down stains to make them easier to remove during the wash and act as bio-catalysts. There are three main types of enzymes for laundry detergents namely Protease, Amylase and Cellulase. They work on different types of stains and also help in overall cleaning effect. Recently launched different grade of Protease by DuPont is very effective in cleaning cuffs and collars. It is also designed to suit Indian conditions such as harsh summer temperature for storage, high reaction temperature at the time of manufacturing detergents and higher PH value of the finished product. Effectenz 2000 comes in a special coating using patented technology and all its granules are uniform in size. We offer any or a combination of DuPont Enzymes, who are one of the largest producers of Enzymes in the world.

Colorants are used to improve the visual appearance of soaps and detergents. We offer world class pigments, manufactured by Clariant, which includes Phthalo and Azo Pigments in powder and paste form Special Dyes for use in printing inks, paints and plastic industries. Apart from this we also have special Dyes to enhance the whiteness of fabric.

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